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all memories are traces of tears

27 June
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  • sk_swing@livejournal.com
I write gay porn featuring boys younger than me and it makes me feel dirty.
I adore Key and Jonghyun separate and together.
I also like writing about Taemin and that makes me a pedophile.
Feel free to friend me, I think of Livejournal like Youtube.
(You should be able to subscribe to people you want to follow.)
Used to love: Super Junior
Heart broken by: 2PM
Writes for: Shinee
Currently belongs to: MBLAQ and CN Blue
Also fond of: BEAST, 2AM, Lee Hyori, Rain, f(x), FT Island, Big Bang, Se7en
Writing OTPs: Jongkey, 2min
Real life OTP: Joondoong
Currently residing in: sk_crime
Ask me questions at: formspring
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