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all memories are traces of tears
you want one true lover with a thousand kisses 
Apr-20-2020 3:11 pm
Jonghyun reading
jongkey, angst, pg

jongkey, gen, pg

when you’re not even 22 and already shouldering a middle-aged man’s workload you don’t have the energy to be a psychologist

jongkey, angst, pg-15

and I'm sobbing and sobbing

jongkey, fluff, pg

kim kibum had long ago learned to think about people in terms of what they wanted from you and what you wanted from them

drop dead gorgeous
jongkey, songfic, pg-13

yeah yeah but he's drop dead gorgeous

cooking? cooking!
jongkey, humor, pg-13, request

having sex with kitchen utensils

jongkey, horror, r

is it funny?

le petit prince
jongkey, children's story, g

once upon a time there was a prince named kim kibum

joondoong, gen, g

changsun likes to hear himself talk

joondoong, au, r, character death (except not for good)

they always show up at the same time

oh my god
g.o-centric, joondoong, humor, g

they live in g.o's moustache

press play
seungmir, romance, r

this is how the story goes

multi-chaptered stories
jongkey x 2min x keyho x jonghyuk, au, pg-13/nc-17, completed
1. fuck yeah man, fuck yeah
2. you're welcome, fucker
3. there was nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality but there were minors involved here, you fucking pedophile
4. who the hell has a ribcage fetish, you cannibalistic fuck
5. hopefully he wouldn't sober up in the middle 'cause that would fucking suck
6. who the fuck are you to be hurt by this, cocksucker
7. your dick smells like statutory rape
8. fuck you Hongki and your 5 minute knockout vodka double shots
9. fucking kid probably liked sucking on glue sticks (and cock) in his spare time

jongkey, fluff, g, 56 words
3 in the morning

it's all in your head
seungmir, gen, pg

but how do you know for sure?

other writings (not fandom related)
three o'clock
story about a girl and a boy

o1. o2. o3.

sk_robots: prologue + robots + o1 joondoong, nc17 + o2 seungmir, pg13
sk_crime: underworld au playground

Feb-17-2011 12:53 pm (UTC)
Sk_swing, I completely adore ur writing style. Ur cliche/bullshit free approach means u've kinda ruined the rest of fanfic for me, hurr hurr! You seemed to have gone on a hiatus (tbh I should take a leaf out of ur book, I need 2 focus on my thesis which is due soon ;_;). But the point to all this rambling is just to say I really enjoy ur writing n I'm going to be a tad distraught when I finish reading it all lol ^^
Feb-18-2011 1:10 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your comments! I'm surprised that people are still reading my stuff, considering how long I've been away from fandom. Unfortunately, I've been on permanent hiatus since moving to Korea 6 months ago, so there is indeed no more writing ^^;;; But thank you again~
(Deleted comment)
Feb-18-2011 3:18 am (UTC)
Ah I'm not studying here, I'm working ^^;;; But I will definitely let you know if I do any more writing other than blogs~ Thanks, and good luck with your thesis lol.
Feb-18-2011 3:19 am (UTC)
lol, there was spelling errors ;_;
Tc ^U^
Feb-18-2011 3:18 am (UTC)
I thought as much. Ottoke? ;_;
I was aware u were studying in S.Korea but hadn't realised you moved there ^^
I can't believe you've left fandom *O* I guess there's hope for me yet! (I'm far too old to be 'fan-girling' -__-* and it's extremely time time-consuming).
Anyway, I honestly think you have a way with words, so if u decide to pick up 'the pen' again, whether it be related to k-pop or not plz give me a shout.
Thanks for replying ^U^ n good luck with it all. (Hwaiting!)
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