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all memories are traces of tears
It's all in your head; seungmir, pg 
Aug-04-2010 7:49 am
"Yes, but how do you know for sure, hyung?"

Seungho sighs, because Chulyong's been drinking, and incessant and obnoxious questions are the first thing that comes with Chulyong drinking.

"I just do, okay? I just do." His fingers are at the bridge of his nose, nursing a migraine that may or may not be forming, and this is a very obvious signal that this line of questioning needs to end (now).

Of course, the younger boy doesn't take the hint, and maybe he's trying to be a brat or maybe he just doesn't catch it (since he doesn't exactly know how to communicate like 'normal people'), but this time he creeps even closer, his eyes wide and suspicious. "How can you be sure I'm not just a figment of your imagination, a schizophrenic delusion?"

Seungho doesn't bother sighing again; he can recognize a useless waste of energy when he sees it. So he just shifts a bit as the other boy settles against his thighs (and this is the second thing that comes with Chulyong drinking).

"Because if this really were the work of my imagination, I certainly wouldn't have created you."
Sep-17-2010 9:13 am (UTC)
I love the last line!!!
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