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all memories are traces of tears
Oh my GOD 
Jul-29-2010 7:48 am
I refuse to take responsibility for this. This is not my fault. This is tchubbicheeks's fault, who also provoked this little piece however long ago.

I was bored and wanted to create a new universe. I asked for suggestions. She told me to write about beings who lived in G.O's moustache.

Their life is a good one. The Creator took a lot of time and painstaking effort to create their land, and they’ve never once forgotten their gratitude. He takes meticulous care towards their landscape, keeps predators from entering their ecosystem, and doesn't lets the Others disrupt their environment.

In return they try to take care of Him as well. They whisper to Him at night, saying things like, “Stay strong, Byunghee!” “You’re doing great, Byunghee!” “Show them why you’re called Furglass, Byunghee!”

He never responds directly, but they can tell from the lightness of His step and the eagerness in His voice that their devotion has given Him the support He needs. The support He cannot get from the Others.

They do not like the Others. They insult the homeland and try to disturb its balance by calling the Creator an old man. Because He has responsibilities. Because He is like a father to them. The Creator laughs at the Others’ words, the cheerful jostling making them laugh as well, but sometimes His fingers linger a bit too long, blocking out the sun and bringing darkness to their land.

These are not good times.

They see things too. They see the way the loud one looks at the dark circled one. They see the way the muscular one pushes the skinny one against the wall, shoving their faces together in a manner that would have killed them had they decided to settle on the muscled idiot’s stuttering lips. And they are glad that the Creator does not have any such inclinations. From this they are safe.

But Judgment Day still comes.

The Creator does not sleep on the decision, does not give them the opportunity to plead and beg for their lives against the night. Their home, which they have lived in for many years, more than a millennium by their life spans, is demolished in less than 2 minutes.

What the Creator hath giveth, He can also taketh away. And their tears go unnoticed as they are washed down the drain.
Jul-29-2010 5:02 pm (UTC)
i have now joined joondoongaday. didn't even know it existed. >.<;;
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