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all memories are traces of tears
Jun-20-2011 12:20 pm
What they don't tell you about Seoul is that it's worse than L.A. Everyone's trying to become an actor, a singer, a somebody. Everyone knows someone who knows someone, and it's not very hard to know someone too.

What they also don't tell you about Seoul is that the men are immature, selfish, and ridiculously charismatic. For every act of chivalry, I will show you 5 acts of jackassery, 3 drunken phone calls, and 1 girl who just doesn't understand.

(Poor her.)

I said this was a love story, but you shouldn't believe a word I say. (With all the bullshit in this country, who can tell what's "real" anyways?) This isn't a love story, and it sure as hell isn't a happy ending.

It just is what it is, and isn't that enough? (Don't answer that.)
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