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all memories are traces of tears
Press play; Seungmir, r 
Aug-10-2010 3:55 pm

This is how the story goes:

Mir is on his way back from Japan, where he had way too much sake and way too much fun but not nearly enough pretty little girls in their pretty little skirts. He happens to be on the flight that Seungho is working. Seungho the flight attendant. Seungho the unhappy flight attendant with dark circles that graze the top of the drink cart he's pushing, because he's worked 3 day flights and a red-eye back to back to back and now he's working this one.

Mir asks for ginger ale, Seungho informs him that (unfortunately) they're all out, and somehow this leads to them being crammed into an enclosed space that is very obviously meant for single use only, with Seungho's back pressed tight against the mirror, and Mir's very sharp, very persistent teeth scraping over a wet bottom lip.

Stop. Rewind.

(Haha, just kidding.)

Take two:

They meet at work. Mir's just been hired as the secretary for the new hotshot CEO, and is punished on the first day for not knowing how Seungho likes his coffee. For some reason, punishment involves the redhead being bent over the CEO's desk, with his teeth biting into his fist and Seungho's fingers digging into his hips.

This continues until Seungho no longer needs any reason to punish the boy, and Mir finds himself underneath that expensive mahogany desk with his mouth on Seungho's cock, while the guy conducts a conference call with 3 other CEOs without skipping a beat (because he's just that good).

Pause scene.

Still seems a little fishy?

Okay fine, here's the real story. It's kind of boring (and thus, not as fun):

Mir's in this idol group called MBLAQ. He's the youngest, the magnae, and as the youngest the magnae he's entitled to annoy the crap out of his hyungs with aegyo. Seungho's in this group too. He's the leader, the disciplinarian, and as the leader the disciplinarian he's allowed to be strict, threatening, and pretty much just violent in general.

Seungho's favorite place to put his hands is on Mir's neck. Mir's favorite place to put his lips is on Seungho's mouth. This goes on for god knows how long until Seungho stops shoving at Mir's face whenever he gets too close, and Seungho's monopoly on the younger boy's throat is broken up by occasional visits to his shoulders or his sides or the back of his head.

Fast forward to present day, when Seungho's rough and bruising kisses are being punctuated by Mir's interjections of "please, hyung!", "aww, c'mon!", and some whining noise that cannot be replicated by human vocal chords, because Mir wants to have some 'secret naughty fun' on their next flight to Tokyo, and he wants to sneak into Rain's office before he gets back from the states, but Seungho is not having any of that.

Mir sulks, sulks until his eyes cross he's sulking so hard, till finally Seungho's forced to roll his eyes and give the other boy one of those little kisses he really likes, the kind that's just a brush of lips and a moment's pause, just so the kid will give it a rest. And it works (because Mir really is just that easy to please).
Sep-03-2010 3:58 pm (UTC)
gosh I love the end ♥
Sep-23-2010 5:29 am (UTC)
So late in responding to this. SO late. But thank you;;
Sep-17-2010 7:28 pm (UTC)
Oh I love this! So cute, I have this all in my head so very clear (:
Write some more, this is my favourite pairing, no one loves them /sadface
This is just amazing, hah :D
Sep-23-2010 5:28 am (UTC)
Thank you so much <3
Feb-08-2012 6:15 pm (UTC)
This is as flawless as Mir's general brattiness and Seungho's lack of leadership skills; which is a lot.
Feb-08-2012 11:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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